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We believe that we are probably the only private equity firm in the world who can call itself totally inclusive. IPO opportunities are usually reserved for institutional, ultra high net worth clients. At Thierry Rochelle, we believe that everybody has the right to know about, and have direct access to the best investment opportunities.

As an example, we invested early stage investors into Alibaba Inc. pre IPO with as a little as a $50,000 USD entry level investment. Those same investors made a 240% return when Alibaba Inc. went on to list on the NYSE in 2014. 

Our Team

Our team is filled with unique individuals who each specialize in different aspects of private equity investment, IPO underwriting and wealth management, wealth creation and wealth preservation. This means we can predict, foresee and help you overcome the hurdles we regularly face in an ever changing and increasingly complicated investment marketplace.


For over 80 years Thierry Rochelle has been buying up equity in the single best and most innovative companies. Those companies have gone on to become multi billion dollar blue chip stocks. All of our clients can have a piece of the action, regardless of the amounts they invest.

Thierry Rochelle Private Equity has been a household name in London and Zurich for over 85 years. Private equity investment and initial public offerings are our single area of expertise. Some of the world's largest companies have sought Thierry Rochelle's assistance in taking the steps to move from being a private company to a public company.  

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