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Monday 24th February 2020.

Author: Phillip Langham - Chief Analyst, Thierry Rochelle Private Equity.

"Thierry Rochelle Private Equity is pleased to announce it has partnered with one of the lead European Bookrunners on the Airbnb Inc. Pre IPO, and has today received an official proposed listing date direct from the Airbnb Inc Investor Relations Department. If you would like to know exactly when Airbnb Inc. will be listing on the NASDAQ stock market and the proposed price per share then speak to one of our Investment Partners."

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Australia's largest private company is going public in 2020. Visy Industries plans to rid the world of harmful plastics with their unique biodegradable plastic product alternative.

Probably the most eagerly awaited IPO of the decade and through Charterhouse, YOU can get a piece of the action.


The makers of prestigious marks such as Range Rover and the Jaguar X Type are listing on the NYSE this year.

Probably the most eagerly awaited IPO of the decade and through Charterhouse, YOU can get a piece of the action.


O2 is one of the largest mobile carriers in the UK, and part of Spain’s Telefonica Group. The company enjoys a private valuation of £10 billion and is expected to raise a further £10 billion to continue its expansion into the USA, Australia New Zealand.

Gina Rinehart and Hancock CEO Garry Korte have been working with Charterhouse for the last eight months to list their world famous agricultural and mining company as a dual listing on both the ASX and NASDAQ stock exchange. 


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"Thierry Rochelle was named Top Private Equity Firm 2019 by Forbes Magazine out of 157 entrants. This topped off a stunning year for the firm and it's clients who averaged 57% ROI for the year."

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Since Apple Inc. made it's debut on the NASDAQ stock exchange in 1980 it has returned 51,086% to its investors.


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